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The Character Of An Aesthetician

Character of an Aesthetician - ISA Carstens Academy

Do You Have the Right Personality to Become an Aesthetician?

As a licensed beauty and skincare specialist, every aesthetician will spend plenty of time with clients. The career calls for a dynamic personality that can handle fulfilling several roles – not just beauty procedures and treatments. If you are currently considering where you wish to branch out in your future line of work, then this is certainly one occupation that comes with plenty of rewards. Not everyone is suited to becoming an aesthetician, but those who are will always enjoy how meaningful the job is. We discuss four areas of your personality that will help you flourish in this career.

It’s All About People

This is no accountant’s job where you can crunch the numbers without speaking to anyone else; being an aesthetician means being a people’s person. You will deal will clients from all walks of life and will need to be comfortable in multi-cultural environments that demand constant socialising. While both extroverts and introverts are suited to the job, you must be able to keep up with your clients and match their energy.

Mental and Physical Stamina

Speaking of energy – a career in the beauty industry requires tons of it. This line of work is fast-paced, and someone filled with a zest for life will excel in it. If you find people, problem-solving, and service delivery energising then this is probably the right path for you.

Analysis and Result-tracking

Effectively treating a client’s skin is not as simple as merely completing the procedure. Beforehand, you will need to get to know your client and assess their issue. By asking the right questions, hearing what they’ve got to say, and making relevant observations, you will be able to analyse their skin. Then, once the procedure is done, or during their follow-up treatment, you will need to track their results and develop a plan going forward. Much like a doctor would, an aesthetician walks a road with each client to get them on track to their best possible self.

Intuition When it Comes to Suitable Solutions

Graduating top of your class won’t mean much if clients don’t get the results they are seeking. A good aesthetician knows how and when to customise treatment plans to accommodate each client’s specific needs. This means listening, weighing your options, and truly treating each client as a unique individual.

If you think you have got what it takes to become an aesthetician, then you won’t find better courses than ours here at Isa Carstens Academy. To find out about our diplomas and short learning programmes, don’t hesitate to contact our Stellenbosch or Pretoria campus here.