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The Biggest Mistakes People With Oily Skin Make

It’s a complaint I often hear women discussing – how to get rid of shiny, greasy skin with over-sized pores. It is also the one skincare issue that people don’t seem to know how to combat. Below are a few mistakes that are readily made when trying to get rid of excess oil on a skin; be it a mature or teen skin.


Cleansing With A Drying Cleanser
Many cleansers for oily skin, especially what we term ‘foaming cleansers’ are formulated with ingredients that cut oil from the skin, they are often extremely drying and can actually trick the skin into producing more oil to combat the ‘dried-out’ feeling.

To help keep oil at bay, try using a sulfate-free cleanser containing gentle ingredients. These ingredients will give you a healthy deep-pore cleansing and not leave your skin feeling tight and dry – this should never be the case after cleansing.

Not Keeping Skin Hydrated Topically
We are often fooled into thinking an oilier skin doesn’t need as much topical hydration, but remember that neglecting this will only result in an over production of oil.

Try and make an effort to protect the skin cells by applying hydrating serums or oils to prevent the skin feeling dried out.

Skipping Moisturizer
If you think you have your own built-in moisturizer simply because of your skin’s natural oils, you are mistaken. After cleansing, the skin has (temporarily) been wiped of all natural oils, which makes it quite vulnerable to dehydration. This is when you should apply a moisturiser to protect the cells – steer clear of heavy, rich moisturisers but there are plenty of great oil-free, lighter moisturisers.

Looking For a Magic Cure
This is your skin type – there is no magic cure and way you can miraculously make this change. There are, however, ways that you can learn to deal with your skin better.

The quickest, simplest and fastest way to create less shine on the skin and combat oil is to blot skin often, with either oil-blotting papers or tissue. Dusting with a mattifying powder is also great for managing shine.

Thinking All Oils Are Bad For Your Skin
If you pick up a skin-care product and see oil listed as one of the ingredients, you may be reluctant to purchase it. Yes; some oils can cause pores to get clogged and the skin to feel very oily, but others are great and can help keep the cells hydrated and thus not producing excess oil.

Not Being Attentive to Your Skin
A common assumption is that if you have oily skin, you’ll get fewer wrinkles. But, that’s not necessarily true. It’s the skin’s thickness (and not how much oil it produces) that matters — although thickness is often associated with oily skin.

You don’t want to make the mistake of neglecting your skin just because you think the oily factor will prevent wrinkles.

Failing To Relax
You may be reluctant to accept it, but a stressful life can lead to increased oil production. Since stress causes the adrenal glands to overproduce cortisol, which then makes the sebaceous glands produce more oil and appear extra greasy. While avoiding stress at all times is impossible, just be sure to take some time to relax — whether it’s grabbing coffee with a friend, taking up yoga, indulging in a manicure or simply taking a hot bath. Even taking deep breaths can instantly create a sense of calm.

Keeping oily skin under control is definitely possible with a proper skin-care regimen, a little extra care, and acceptance.

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