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Studying Dermal Aesthetics

Is Our Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics the Right Qualification for You?

Skin is so much more than the outer barrier that protects human beings; it is the largest organ of the body and the first point of contact with the outside world. With skincare and makeup enthusiasts gaining popularity across most social media platforms, more individuals are opting to study dermal aesthetics than ever before. How to know if this Advanced Diploma is for you, however, may be tricky. Today we will explore what this qualification entails and if indeed it is suited to your career goals.

The Industry is Evolving

“Love the skin you’re in” has become a worldwide slogan, encouraging body positivity and inspiring people of all ages, races, and genders to embrace what they look like and take care of themselves. The beauty industry, therefore, is seeing a demand in medical aesthetic procedures – some invasive, but many not. Monthly facials and regular micro-needling, for example, are now highly accessible and affordable to just about anyone, which means the beauty sector is becoming increasingly competitive.

If you would like to move into such a career, then having the right certifications behind your name will only boost your chances at landing great jobs. Our Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics is geared towards somatologists who work in this specialised field and aims to empower them with theoretical and practical training on the following:

  • Advanced aesthetic treatments and procedures, advanced dermal and applied cosmetic science, dermal pathophysiology, as well as case studies.
  • Procedures including needling, IPL and laser, cryotherapy, mesotherapy, radio frequency, LED therapy, chemical peels, and more.
  • Modules on ageing skin, scarring and wounds, pigmentation, acne, rosacea, skin conditions and allergies, and full-body treatments.

You Can Work While You Study

If you are currently working and looking to further yourself with a qualification, then an Advanced Diploma in Dermal Aesthetics is ideal for you. This distance learning programme allows students contact sessions via live streaming or on campus with recordings of these sessions posted online for later access too. Four practical block sessions will occur on-campus each year which gives students the chance to enjoy interactive lessons and practical training. Study guides, textbooks, assignments, and class tests will ensure students stay up to date with their independent studies which help to prepare them for summative examinations before completion of the programme.

If you have a passion for somatology and wish to broaden your career opportunities, then feel free to get in touch with our team for advice on whether or not our Dermal Aesthetics qualification is for you. For more information, contact us online here.