ISA Carstens Academy

Stellenbosch Campus staff – loyal ISA alumni.

The Isa Carstens Academy boasts incredible talented and gifted Alumni. Its staff at the Stellenbosch Campus are a proud bunch of former Isa students. They say once an ISA, always an ISA. Speaking to the CEO of the Academy, Gerhard Roos he says “there is an ISA way of doing things and then there is the other way.”

From L-R: Marisa van Onselen, Amanda Schooling, Santé Engall, Lee-Zay Adonis, Marlise Uys, Zoya Nell, Suné Bester


“At ISA we believe only the best is good enough therefor we prefer to appoint ex- ISA’s back into the Academy” says Roos. Mrs. Isabel Carstens- Roos, Managing Director and daughter to the formidable founder, Isa Carstens, is also an alumnus of the Academy. Mrs Carstens-Roos believes by appointing former students into the Academic department of the Academy she is building on the dream of her mother that started more than 37 years ago. Walking down the corridor in the Academy many faces on the pictures on the walls are testimony to the careers and dreams of young women who also wanted to be part of the ISA dream. The vote of confidence the executive management of the Academy have in their own products they develop for the market is obvious by the large number of alumni today who have chosen to be a part of the ISA family.