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Somatology Courses Cape Town

Cape Town’s State-of-the-Art Scientific Somatology Courses


It seems fitting and appropriate that the late Mrs Isa Carstens decided to open her original somatology academy (a registered institute of higher learning) in the unique university town of Stellenbosch, a stone’s throw from South Africa’s Mother City, Cape Town. It’s almost inevitable that our Stellenbosch academy is sometimes referred to as being in Cape Town, because of proximity. Besides, it’s our own “mother” campus.


Although the University of Cape Town (UCT) is older than Stellenbosch University (US or SU), having been founded as the South African College in 1829, both were awarded university status on exactly the same day in 1918.


Stellenbosch University began its educational role as Stellenbosch Gymnasium in 1864, changed its name to one more elevated – Stellenbosch College – in 1881, was renamed Victoria College 6 years later, and finally became the Stellenbosch University in 1918.


Our history, although substantial, doesn’t stretch back quite that far. The Isa Carstens Academy opened its doors to the study of somatology in 1978, so our background is also extensive, especially when compared with that of other beauty schools in this country. Moreover, Mrs Isa Carstens dedicated her life and work to this tertiary educational science, which is an offshoot of anthropology, a subject that’s studied at universities, Cape Town and others included.


Somatology and Related Courses


We offer a 3-year, full-time somatology course and a 1-year advanced dermal aesthetics course, which is based on the content of our somatology course, but takes it further and more in depth to include medical aesthetic treatments, under the supervision of registered medical practitioners who specialise in various aesthetic disciplines.


The latter course concludes with an advanced diploma (NQF Level 7), and is one of distance learning; our first-class live-in residence is not required. Distance learning enables aspiring dermal aestheticians to continue working as somatologists, while studying further in their field, advancing their qualifications, expertise, services, specialisation and employment opportunities, locally and internationally.


After successfully completing our somatology course, graduates receive a diploma at NQF Level 6. After each year’s full-time study, exams are written to conclude that particular year’s curriculum. Each year’s course content builds upon that which preceded it, taking similar subjects to a more advanced level, while introducing new fields of study too.


For your convenience, we’re hosting another open day at our Stellenbosch and Pretoria campuses on the 29th of July 2017. You’ll have ample opportunity to inspect our facilities, and visit the campus of your choice to address all your questions directly with lecturers, thereby enabling you to make a thoroughly informed decision about a course and career in the varied, exciting world and science of somatology.