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Somatology Qualification

Our Somatology Qualification Will Kickstart Your Career in the Beauty and Wellness Industry

School leavers and individuals looking for a new career about which they can be passionate often have trouble finding a well-rounded, balanced course. For anyone interested in the health, beauty, and wellness industry, it can get complicated trying to figure out into which field one must branch off. Everything from business-savvy thinking to cosmetic science is featured in the industry and finding a qualification that covers all the required foundational training is critical. Our quintessential Diploma in Somatology, thankfully, offers precisely this and more.

What Our Somatology Qualification Entails

Somatology is defined as the scientific study of the body, with specific emphasis on health, beauty, and skincare. Unlike a basic beauty course, our Diploma qualification is internationally recognised and has been refined and perfected over a period of 36 years. The full-time course runs for three years and provides an in-depth look at essential topics such as anatomy and physiology, nutrition, business practice, biotics, cosmetic science, and the theory and practice of somatology. Interesting modules such as the chemistry of oils and research principles and practice will give students the keen scientific insight needed to give them the edge in the industry.

Endless Opportunities Await You

Our somatology graduates go on to enjoy a wide range of choices when it comes to their prospective careers. Opportunities for working at skincare clinics, on cruise liners, in medical spas and aesthetic practices, in salons, in your own business, or as a trainer and lecturer are all possible with our somatology qualification. There is even much room in the industry for cosmetic journalists and sales and marketing representatives that build up an empire of their own. This competitive field is saturated with educational academies offering incomplete and subpar training, which is why we at Isa Carstens Academy ensure our students are prepared to confidently step into the workforce one step ahead of their competitors.

Admission Requirements

To enrol in our Diploma of Somatology qualification, prospective students must have a National Senior Certificate (NSC) from the South African Matriculation Board alongside an endorsement certifying that they can study for a Diploma at a tertiary institution. Students who have achieved a Matric endorsement with an Admission Points Score above 24 will be given preference. Preference is also given to students with Life Science as a subject up to matric, but we do offer a compulsory bridging programme for students without Life Science or with an average below 50% in the subject.

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