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A Journey of Somatology Studies in South Africa


Unless you have prior knowledge of one of South Africa’s leading somatology academies – the Isa Carstens Academy – when you’re looking for a health and skin care institute in Pretoria at which to enrol for a somatology diploma, you’ll most likely turn to the internet.


This is precisely what most other people will do in this day and age. The internet is ideal for those who are seriously searching for information on any and every subject or field under the sun, be it relevant to Pretoria or anywhere else – such is the wonder and penetration of the internet and the world-wide web.


Isa Carstens Academy is bound to be one of the names that will crop up quite early on in your somatology search. We have two training facilities, one in Stellenbosch and the other in Pretoria. Further research about our founder, the famed Mrs Isa Carstens, will show readers a great deal about this entrepreneur and her professional health, beauty, and skin care journey to Pretoria, as well as in the Cape, where she began her illustrious career.


The Beginnings of Isa Carsten’s Somatology Studies


In late1968, Mrs Carstens opened the doors of her very first salon in the then small Western Cape town of Ceres, after training with another beauty specialist of the time. Soon, she recognised the importance of a holistic approach that links the health and wellbeing of the entire human body to skin care and beauty.


With this focus in mind, Mrs Carstens joined one of the iconic South African health spas, the esteemed High Rustenburg Health Hydro, as their first therapist. Here, she worked under the mentorship and guidance of an internationally recognised osteopath, chiropractor, and skilled healer, who also specialised in soft tissue manipulation techniques, the founder and a director of the Hydro – Dr Boris Chaitow.


By 1971, equipped with additional knowledge, Mrs Carstens had established her own skin care clinic in Stellenbosch. Never one to shy away from furthering her own education and recognising the importance of additional diploma qualifications, this lady obtained several more diplomas in London. Not very long thereafter, Mrs Isa Carstens was also awarded a prestigious CIDESCO diploma.


CIDESCO, Other Affiliations, and Diplomas Open Doors


Isa Carstens Academy’s affiliation with CIDESCO continues and applies to both Pretoria and Stellenbosch somatology campuses, as does our affiliation with SAAHSP and the South African Spa Association. These recognised affiliations and the standard of excellence of our somatology courses are instrumental in opening local and international doors for our graduates. We look forward to adding you to our list of knowledgeable, well-trained, and expertly qualified, professional somatologists.