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World-Class South African Somatology Courses

Although South Africa is home to a multitude of beauty schools and aesthetics training institutes, they are not all equal in the standard of education that they provide or their approach to beauty therapy. If you want to obtain a recognised qualification that equips you to perform well and excel in this challenging industry, it is important to ensure that you enrol for accredited courses with a leading academy that has established itself as a South African centre of excellence in this field, in all its varied aspects.

Superficial vs All-Encompassing Science

Some colleges focus primarily on the exterior, rather more superficial aspects of beauty. Isa Carstens Academy maintains an emphasis on somatology, which is much more than standard beauty therapy. It is a more in-depth and all-encompassing science and study of a holistic branch of anthropology.

This discipline focuses on the beneficial effects of holistic well-being, health, balanced lifestyle, and how these factors affect and improve both aesthetic appearance and overall health. The somatologist assesses her client’s specific and individual needs and helps to implement the changes and treatments that she introduces to maximise holistic improvement, as it pertains to healthy skin care and beauty. 

A qualified, professional somatologist does not view a problem or skin condition in isolation. She recognises that all parts and functions of the human body are interrelated and must therefore be treated as such. However, in order to do so, an extensive knowledge and training are required.

Ancient Art of Beauty and Skin Care

While no one really knows exactly when ancient man became aware of skin and beauty care, the ancient Egyptians are credited with being some of the earliest beauty therapy practitioners, possibly because they were such avid keepers of records about lifestyles in Egypt. The earliest known Egyptian beauty records date back to about 3 000 BC.

Why Choose Isa Carstens Academy’s Courses

  • When compared with the ancient Egyptians, our academy is a newcomer. Nevertheless, we are well established – since 1978 – as a leading somatology training institute.
  • In accordance with the relevant Act, we are registered with the National Department of Higher Education and Training (NQF Levels 5 – 10) as a Private Higher Education Provider.
  • Isa Carstens Academy is affiliated nationally with the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP), as well as the international association, CIDESCO.
  • Our diploma in somatology is accredited accordingly, widely recognised, accepted and acclaimed by employers within the somatology field, which enables our graduates to find the best professional career opportunities.
  • Somatology courses are of 3 years’ duration, requiring intensive full-time study.
  • Subjects within the curricula include anatomy and physiology, biotics, nutrition, somatology (theory and practical), business practice, management and planning, cosmetic science, research (introduction, plus principles and practice), and the chemistry of oils.
  • We have two dedicated campuses – the first to be founded by Isa Carstens, in Stellenbosch, and the second in Pretoria, established later due to popular demand for top quality somatology training.
  • At each campus, excellent modern and spacious student accommodation is offered, enabling students to live in safely and securely, while focussing on their studies and being conveniently located, close to campus.

If you dream of becoming a somatologist, be sure to consider Isa Carstens Academy for your somatology courses. Like many others, you’ll be glad you did for a very long time thereafter.