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Somatology Courses in Pretoria

Somatology Courses in Pretoria

Specialised Somatology Courses in Pretoria


Various Pretoria colleges and institutions that offer training in beauty-related fields (usually excluding somatology) don’t require that entrants to their facilities are in possession of a matric certificate, South Africa’s National Senior Certificate (NSC). Their only entry requirement is compliance with their specified minimum age.


Isa Carstens Academy’s Admission Requirements


However, at our Pretoria and Stellenbosch campuses, our somatology courses’ basic minimum admission criterion, upon which we insist, is this very same NSC, as issued by the South African Matriculation Board. Additionally, the certificate should be accompanied by an endorsement from the board that confirms the learner’s eligibility for diploma-level study at a recognised tertiary facility.


Applicants whose certificate and endorsement indicate an Admission Points Score exceeding 24 points receive preferential admission. To some, our admission requirements may appear to be a tad exacting, but they need to be. Our somatology course, as well as our dermal aesthetic programme, which takes somatology study to an even more advanced and specialised level, contain certain scientific subjects amongst the others that comprise the curricula.


All these subjects are presented at a tertiary level, without which students could not become bona fide, professional somatologists (or dermal aestheticians). It’s essential that somatology practitioners are equipped with the necessary, thorough understanding of this scientific branch of anthropology and how, when and why it is applied to the holistic health and skincare of clients.


Additional and Alternative Recognition


  • Students with Life Science up to and including Grade 12 will also receive preference when they apply for admission for our somatology course.
  • We want to be as fair as possible and avoid turning away students who haven’t had Life Sciences up to this grade, and/or those who’ve achieved less than an average of 50% in their NSC. In compensation, our academy offers a specially developed bridging module during the first year of somatology studies. This additional programme is compulsory and incurs an additional cost.
  • Consideration will also be given to those in possession of a Higher or Advanced Certificate in a cognate discipline.
  • Prospective entrants who completed their schooling outside of South Africa must ensure that their qualifications have been substantiated by SAQA – the South African Qualifications Authority.


Open Day at Our Pretoria Campus


At Isa Carstens Academy, we recognise the importance of actually visiting our Pretoria (or Stellenbosch) campus to see it for yourself, and have all your questions answered and concerns addressed, before committing to a 3-year somatology course. Book your place today for our next Open Day in Pretoria on the 27th of July 2017. We look forward to meeting you then.