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Somatology Courses in Pretoria

Superb Somatology Courses in Pretoria Recognised Locally and Internationally


Ask any practising somatologist what they like best or love about their career, and you’ll probably get as many different answers as the number of people of whom you ask this seemingly simple question. Why should this be so?


It is almost inevitable that you’ll get so many varied responses, because somatology is such a wide, in-depth field of scientific study and practice, yet for two fundamental reasons – it is a branch of anthropology, and it assesses and treats each individual human body holistically, in its interconnected entirety. No two people are identical in any way, regardless of which aspect one approaches, studies, and treats.


Always Evolving and Developing – Never Stagnant


This makes somatology the wide, wonderful, and rapidly growing field that it continues to be today, because science and its application is never stagnant. It develops and evolves constantly, like scientists’ knowledge of human physiology and the effects of the psyche upon the body’s state of overall health and wellness.


Isa Carstens Somatology Courses in Pretoria and Stellenbosch


State-of-the-art somatology courses are being offered at two Isa Carstens campuses, both located in centres that are known for their fine tertiary education facilities and universities – Pretoria and Stellenbosch.


Our Pretoria institute of tertiary teaching and training is the more recently established of the two academies, Stellenbosch’s somatology college having been founded in 1978 by Mrs Isa Carstens. Both academies are also located fairly close to the area of each university’s main campus.


International and Local Affiliations


Shortly after being founded and in the same year, the brand-new Isa Carstens Academy in Stellenbosch was officially recognised by CIDESCO, the international Switzerland-based body that has been establishing benchmark standards in the education and training aspects of the beauty and spa therapy industry since 1957.


Isa Carstens Academy was the first South African college of its kind to be given such prestigious international official recognition, and our affiliation with CIDESCO proudly remains. We’re also affiliated with the South African Association of Health & Skincare Professionals (SAAHSP) and the South African Spa Association – both major role players in our exciting industry.


Criteria for Studying Somatology


  • Minimum National Senior Certificate (matric) plus endorsement from the South African Matriculation Board that affirms that the applying somatology course candidate is eligible for diploma studies at an institute of tertiary education (other alternative criteria may also be considered for course acceptance).


  • Three years of full-time study, completed in three comprehensive course modules, each one building and expanding on the knowledge and training obtained in the previous year.


  • Course material and content includes ample theoretical and practical teaching and training. Business management and planning are also included, because a professional, successful somatology practice has business principles at its core – something certain beauty therapy schools may tend to neglect in their course content.


Isa Carstens Academy also offers excellent, modern accommodation to students in Pretoria (and Stellenbosch), because it has been proven that this type of student housing and accommodation creates the ideal environment for young ladies who wish to focus on their somatology studies, whilst enjoying the best that student life has to offer in both centres of academic and training excellence.