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Sought-After South African Somatology Courses


If you have an active interest in holistic beauty, health, wellbeing, and skin care, and you’re seriously considering the field of somatology as your future career, it’s first and foremost really important for you to have a clear understanding of what somatology is and which future career prospects may be of interest to you. Thereafter, you need to decide at which school of somatology you should study, and find out where it is located.


What is Somatology?


Somatology is a science, and also a branch or offshoot of anthropology, which is in itself a recognised science that encompasses a very wide field of study that is divided into numerous specialised sub-categories. In the science of somatology, the human body in its entirety is studied as one branch of anthropology.


Although “beauty” has been mentioned, the main focus is on the holistic aspect thereof, since somatology is much more than beauty therapy and treatment alone. Keep in mind that if a human body is optimally healthy, functioning properly, balanced, and cared for, it is an object of beauty in the true sense of the word; its beauty is not merely skin deep.


Future Prospects


The future prospects for a suitably qualified somatologist, particularly those who study at Isa Carstens Academy, are many, wide, and diverse. Somatology services are in demand worldwide in a host of capacities. These are not limited to, but range from:


  • Specialising in a career that involves working in the field of medical aesthetics, assisting cosmetic or reconstructive surgeons, dermatologists, and other medical practitioners at your or their practices or spas.


  • Treatments, therapies and protocols, as alternatives to invasive surgery, or in enhancing post-surgery recovery and results.


  • Holistic preventative measures.


  • Managing problem skin conditions without the use of surgery, medication, and potentially toxic treatments.


  • Opening your own somatology salon or treatment centre.


  • Laboratory research and development for cosmetic houses.


  • Marketing and/or technical sales in cosmetics and specialised skincare in retail or a spa/beauty salon environment.


  • Lecturing, training, teaching, and research in an academic aesthetics or somatology environment.


Qualified somatologists can also enrol for an Advanced Aesthetics Diploma through Isa Carstens Academy. This particular diploma course is offered via the medium of long-distance learning, because most qualified somatologists will be working and unable to take time off to study full time at one of our campuses.


Somatology Course


The acclaimed Isa Carstens Academy has been involved in somatology ever since our founder, Mrs Isa Carstens, established her first training academy in the university town of Stellenbosch in 1978. In the same year, her school became the first of its kind in South Africa that was officially recognised by CIDESCO.


Today, our somatology course is presented at both Isa Carstens Academy campuses, one in Stellenbosch and the second, newer campus in Pretoria, since high demand for these professional diploma courses has made it necessary to provide more opportunities for aspirant somatologists to undergo their three-year full-time tertiary education programme.


Although our website contains a lot of information about our somatology and other courses, you’re welcome to contact us to find out more about the Isa Carstens Academy by simply completing our online enquiry form – it may well be your first step in becoming a professional somatologist.