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South African Somatology Courses that Create Proud Graduates


Nowadays, there are various beauty schools that offer somatology courses in South Africa. If you’re passionate about health, skincare and beauty, and you believe that an in-depth knowledge and understanding of the human body – beyond just beauty therapy – is fundamental in providing holistic, effective treatments, it’s imperative that you obtain the best possible qualification from the best available college that offers the most comprehensive, well-constructed courses.


All beauty treatments and practitioners are not equal. You seek knowledge and skills that will truly benefit your future clients, so therefore, it makes sense to study and undertake your courses at one of South Africa’s pioneering somatology teaching institutes – Isa Carstens Academy, now with two campuses, one each located in Stellenbosch and Pretoria.


Origins and Accolades


Under the leadership of our founder of the same name, Isa Carstens Academy first opened its doors in 1978 in Stellenbosch. It’s remarkable to note that during this first year, our school was the first of its kind in South Africa to be officially recognised by Switzerland’s CIDESCO – the association that sets the world’s benchmark standards for the beauty industry, globally.


Because of Mrs Isa Carsten’s dedication to further her knowledge and experience abroad, and her passion for and commitment to applying the latest technologies and training methods at our academy locally, she was appointed as a national CIDESCO examiner – huge kudos for her and our college’s sterling reputation.


Multiple CIDESCO Awards


Additionally, Mrs Isa Carstens was a founding member of the then South African Institute of Health and Beauty Therapy, now known as the South African Association of Health and Skincare Professionals. A CIDESCO medal award in 1994 for her outstanding contribution to education was another first for this remarkable lady – the first recipient of this honour.


In 2007, our current managing director, Isabel Carstens-Roos, received a medal of merit award from CIDESCO for her professionalism and exceptionally high standards, applied to our academy and its courses, somatology amongst them.


Snippets About Our Somatology Courses


We’re including a few brief snippets about our somatology and other courses, but suggest that you RSVP for our next upcoming open day on the 29th of July 2017, promptly commencing at 9AM, and presented at both our campuses in Pretoria and Stellenbosch. You’ll have ample opportunities to view the campus and facilities, as well as meet our lecturers and find out more about the courses and careers in somatology.


Somatology is an academic, scientific branch of anthropology, and includes beauty therapy, but goes beyond mere beauty. The tertiary education level, the somatology diploma (NQF Level 6 – 360 credits), spans three years of intensive, full-time study. The courses include diverse subjects, such as theoretical and practical somatology, anatomy, physiology, biotics, nutrition, business practice, planning and management, and relevant aspects of chemistry and research


Accredited Excellence


If our somatology courses and our school of somatology are sufficiently excellent to have attained awards, honours and accreditation from a highly acclaimed international organisation like CIDESCO, it has to be one of the best academies at which to qualify as a proudly South African trained somatologist, confident in her abilities and ready to begin her career and professional future, wherever opportunities present themselves – locally and/or abroad.