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The Seasonal Skin Switch-Up


It’s often a question I get asked – should we be changing up our skincare routine according to the seasons? And the answer is yes, we most definitely should.


Having said this, I am by no means suggesting the need to purchase an entire new range of products – no one has the time/money to be doing that – however, there are ways you can be economical and clever about how you tweak your routine in order to address the various skin concerns that each season brings. With summer upon us, here are some of my tips to keep the skin looking fresh and radiant in the warmer months:


My cleanser is something I like to switch up in summer. I prefer swapping out my usual creamy milk cleansers or balms for something lighter and gel-based. We often end up wearing less make-up in the warmer months so a lighter formula provides ample cleansing and feels refreshing on the skin when used with a facial cloth and cool water.

TIP: If you suffer from dry skin or are happy with your current cleanser then don’t feel you have to stray from it – just incorporate some cooling facial compresses to close the pores and calm the skin.


This is one of my favourite steps come-summer. In fact, toning is one of my favourite ways to keep my skin cool and looking great in summer. Let me explain: I usually opt for toners in a spritz bottle, but it’s easy enough to decant yours into one (which you can buy from most beauty travel sections). I then leave a bottle in the fridge and spritz it onto my face whenever I’m feeling hot and bothered or simply want a dose of hydration.

TIP: You can even make your own toning lotion using essential oils of your choice, I loved these recipes in this blog post.


I like to keep my serum consistent through-out the year as this product is generally addressing your major skin concern. The only change I implement is that I feel I can sometimes switch things up and use a serum on its own – this way my skin can breath and it often adds enough moisture to the skin.

Tip: Spend time on your application of either your serum or your moisturiser. A facial massage goes a long way in helping the skin glow – never underestimate it’s benefits! Below is a video with a great routine:


Switch to something a bit lighter in the warmer months, especially during the day-time to avoid your skin feeling too claustrophobic. I enjoy light creams or gels as they absorb easily and form a nice base for my make up to adhere to.

For the rest of my products in my routine I tend to stick to the same forumlas through-out the year. These are simply some guidelines that can aid in helping your skin feel more seasonally-ready. Feel free to share any of your tips below!

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