ISA Carstens Academy

Reaobaka Mahape – Intership Review

I have always believed that if an opportunity arises and you’ve got nothing to lose, then take advantage because you may never know where that may lead you in future. So being one of the two candidates chosen for the Nimue internship was exciting news.

It was one of the greatest experienced I’ve had since being at Isa Carstens Academy. Initially, I applied because it sounded like it could be fun but now that I’ve had the full experience, it was more than just fun. Prior to the internship I had a vague idea of all the different avenues I could go into with my qualification but after the internship, I feel better equipped in terms of knowing the options available to me.

I especially enjoyed the networking with all the different people. It’s through those interactions where experiential knowledge was shared & gained and hope was inspired. We got to spend time with individuals from the education department, research and development, the sales reps, the marketing department and also got to spend a bit of time with the MD of the company.

I am absolutely grateful to the persons behind the idea because it put into perspective the importance and value of the contents of the Somatology scope & practice as well as the industry and how the two marry together.

Nimue Skin Technology was absolutely incredible. We were welcomed with such utmost care and delicacy. By the end of the internship, I had already started feeling like I am part of their family. My advice to fellow students who still have the opportunity; go for it! It will be worth your while.

Reaobaka Mahape

3rd year Student

Student Representative Council Chairperson