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Quality of our beauty training appraised!

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Well done Anoeske Els!!


It is always heart warming to receive confirmation of something you have known and believed for many years – that our students here at the Isa Carstens Academy are truly something special.

Nowhere is this fact more evident than in a recent letter we received from Mia Kriel, the owner of Inhaca Day Spa & Salon in Middelburg. After congratulating us on our outstanding Academy, she goes on to praise the skills and competency of one of our first year students, Anoeske Els.


“I have not come across a student on her standard. Her praises can be mentioned in the following areas: treatments, client care, preparations, as well as treatment after care.”


Anoeske is currently completing her practical hours at the spa, and if this letter is anything to go by, she is clearly upholding the qualities and values instilled in her here at the beauty academy.

Well done, Anoeske! With a ‘glowing review’ like this, we look forward to your future in the world of beauty therapy.

If you wish to read the letter, please follow the link below.
Inhaca Day Spa & Salon Letter