ISA Carstens Academy

Q&A with Isabel Roos, Owner of ICA

We caught up with Isabel Roos, the owner of Isa Carstens and the true guru behind all things beauty:



Why should prospective students choose Isa Carstens Academy ?

We have a proud history as a reputable education and training institution (37 years of excellence!)


We are dedicated to our Industry


We were the first to receive international recognition from CIDESCO


Our programme is accredited by the Council on Higher Education and we are registered by the Dept of Higher Education and Training.


We have incredible high standards


Why should anyone consider a career in Somatology?

Somatologists can work anywhere in the world of health and wellness


Through this programme they can work in medi-spa’s, anti-ageing practices, with dermatologists or even with plastic surgeons and medical practitioners


The entrepreneurial skills obtained will also allow our graduates to start their own business


What is the scope of the ICA somatology course?

Practical and theoretical.


The training is thorough, although a lot of theory is covered, a lot of time is spent on practical application to assist in developing poise, confidence and people skills.


As a practitioner you must be able to apply practical skills and theoretical knowledge.


What qualities make for an excellent therapist?

A pleasant personality, enthusiasm and the ability to deal tactfully and sympathetically with all types of people and in all situations.


You studied at the Isa Carstens Academy yourself. How did that benefit your career?

I learned to be passionate about working with people and enriching the lives of others, nurturing my relationships and building effective networks.


As the managing director of ICA I still apply the values I learned at the Academy. Passion for the Industry, commitment to excellence, professionalism, a holistic approach and inspiration to innovate are always kept top of mind.


Describe a typical ISA student:

She has passion for the Industry

She is committed to excellence

She is always professional

She follows a holistic approach to health and wellness

She is inspired to be innovative


What is your ultimate beauty rule you live by?

The very basic of taking care of my skin is a thorough cleanse at night and in the morning as well as eight hours sleep at night.


One make up product you swear by?

Eve Taylor nr 5 essential oil


What do you do to unwind and relax?

Get into a bath!


What steps are involved in your morning skincare regime?

Cleanse with a gel cleanser, double cleanse with a toner, eye cream, nr 5 essential oil finished off with day cream.


What product do you always have in your handbag?

Red lipstick!

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