ISA Carstens Academy

Passionate about …!

Passionate about educating!

Being in the Health and Skin Care Industry for more than 36 years and being the oldest and long lasting private training provider in the Industry, it is passion that keeps me going.

My passion for the Health and Skin Care Industry changed my life forever and with the Industry growing there are new opportunities opening for Somatologists and Skin Care Therapists in the Medical and Dermal Aesthetics field.

Abri Kruger Photography (6 of 110)Well, that is what keeps me going – innovation, growth and being part of an International Market.

Dermalogica has a saying that “every face tells a story, every story is unique and every story is constantly changing.” (

It is that story of constantly changing that developed my passion.  As private provider we have been part of setting up the South African Association of Health and Skin Care Professionals (SAAHSP), brought CIDESCO training to SA, pioneers in developing a syllabus in SA from a 1 year training to a 3 year NQSF accredited programme and now a level 7 qualification which qualifies students on a level of training equal to a degree level.

We do not just do beauty training, we focus on education.  We believe with a solid, dynamic formal and registered qualification, students will be successful in the business world out there and to be able to up skill themselves to higher levels of qualifications!

With our new campus that opened its doors in Lynnwood, Pretoria on the 18th of July 2016, Isa Carstens Academy is extending the dream to educate students and to reach more students in different parts of the country.

Passion cannot be learned in a lecture room, although what you experience and learn in class can light the fire of passion.  Passion is something that starts in walking your journey and your life experiences. It is about living your life beautifully, from the inside out!

Isabel Carstens-Roos

Managing Director: Isa Carstens Academy

Branches in Stellenbosch and Pretoria