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Meet Founder & Director of Bio Sculpture SA

When Elmien founded Bio Sculpture Gel in 1988, she could not have in her wildest dreams imagined that her brand would become a globally recognised brand. The former ISA Carstens Academy student developed a system which was completely different from anything available in the health and wellness market. Bio Sculpture was the first company to manufacture a colour gel, first to have a one-step gel that could be removed without being filed away and damaging the nail, and first in the industry to undergo an independent clinical trial and obtain a five-star safety rating.


Her ongoing research and innovation, ensured the growth of her brand and established the brand globally it resulted in exports to 39 countries around the world. That’s what won her the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award, in the Emerging Category for the Southern African leg of the competition.


“When I developed Bio Sculpture Gel I wanted a flexible, thin and natural looking product that was safe and light to wear, easy to apply and easy to remove,” says Scholtz. “My first challenge was to find a laboratory that would take me seriously because I was so young. I had drawn up a wish list of what I wanted to see in the perfect nail care system, but I knew that the base product would have to be something close to rocket science. I eventually found it abroad.”

Bio Sculpture Gel is sold in many countries, Scholtz allows some latitude when it comes to branding. “We provide operational guidelines, but we allow importers to adopt branding that will be best received in each country. In addition, our performance goals vary between 15% and 28% growth, depending on population figures and number of years in operation.”

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