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Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Lymph drainage is a manual massage technique applied to stimulate the elimination and clearing of fluid stagnation in the connective tissue structures. It is used to regulate the flow of body fluids by stimulating and assisting the functioning of the lymph capillaries, lymph vessels and lymph nodes. Technique, rhythm and pressure are the 3 pillars of this treatment. As a therapist you will affect enormous change in a persons’ well-being and homeostasis with this treatment. This course not only changes the lives of the clients who experience it, but also those of the therapists who perform it.


Admission Requirements

Completion of Swedish Massage is a pre-requisite.
Health & Skincare Therapists, Somatologists, Massage Therapists.

Course Duration

  • Self-paced online theory
  • 6-Day Practical Training session
  • Final practical assessment and logged treatments
  • Isa Carstens® Academy Certificate of Successful Completion

Course Content

In this programme we will explore Manual Lymph Drainage procedure and techniques. The programme consists of an online theory module which will cover the following:

  • The history of MLD
  • Anatomy of the lymphatic system
  • Parasympathetic stimulation
  • Benefits of MLD
  • Indications and contra-indications to MLD
  • Different methods of MLD
  • Practical application techniques for MLD

6-Day practical training session after the successful completion of the online theory module.
Summative assessment and logged treatments.

Mode of Instruction

Online Theory:
Asynchronous learning online on your own schedule. Online theory modules are divided into sections, with a quiz at the end of each section. A summative theory examination will be written on the first day of your practical training.

Practical Training Session:
Upon successful completion of the online theory section, you will be required to attend a 6-day practical training session, including a final practical assessment (Practical dates subject to availability). After attending the Practical Training Session, you will be required to submit a portfolio of evidence of logged treatments performed.



Tuition: R3950
(includes training kit)