My Little Beauty Secret: YouTube

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If you haven’t already cottoned onto the amazing-ness of YouTube then I am here to inform you of this little beauty secret today!

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YouTube is the place I turn to for pretty much any bit of advice or query. That, or to my favourite beauty blogs where I can generally find an honest, personal opinion from a real person. YouTube, however, is a pretty magical place when it comes to learning even the most basic of make-up tricks like the perfect cat-eye or even how to master the perfect head of beach curls. Below are a handful of my favourite tutorials covering the following topics which I feel all of us ladies could do with learning the ins-and-outs on! I think it ios such a great way to start playing around with hair/make-up trends that you might have been too nervous or clueless to give a bash beforehand. Happy learning!

The Classic Smokey Eye

Luscious Beach Waves


Fresh, Dewy Skin: Simple Make Up For Day-To-Day Wear


The Ultimate Red Lip


Make Up Bag Essentials


Long-Lasting Make Up For a Night Out