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First Wellness Symposium at our Pretoria Campus

Wellness_01On Friday 20 May, the first Isa Carstens Academy Wellness Symposium, aimed to bring together experts in the Health and Beauty Industry as well as ICA Alumni to expose our current students to the latest trends, techniques and therapies but at the same time, invest in and energize students in their vision and current emotional and academic wellness.  This platform further highlighted the numerous career paths graduates could pursue upon completion of their three year Diploma.

The first speaker of the day, the Founder of the nationwide Cosmetic and Dental Emporium and President of Surgi-soft, Dr Zak Schabort gave students a taste of the future of medical aesthetics.  He explained his holistic approach to facial medical aesthetics with the aim to teach and promote natural outcomes so people can realistically look their own personal best.  During his presentation the role of the Somatologist in the aesthetic practice was clearly outlined which exposed many students to a new career opportunity.

Mrs Eunice Bredenkamp, the National Education Manager of Nimue SA, and one of the sponsors of the Wellness Symposium, discussed the debilitating effects of stress, personalised unique situations Somatologists often encounter and how to counter it – relevant to all students in preparation for the upcoming exams!  Students were given the opportunity to download the Nimue Skin Technology Application after which 10 Nimue hampers were handed out to randomly selected symposium attendees.

Another proud sponsor of the Wellness Symposium, Dischem Glenfair, informed students of the emerging Dischem Salons and Spas at certain branches, the work opportunities for Somatologists and salary structures.

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Wellness Symposium Compliment