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Enrol For a Somatology Diploma in Pretoria

Somatology Diploma in Pretoria

Enrol for Your Somatology Diploma before the Jacarandas Bloom


South Africa’s Jacaranda City, Pretoria, is widely known for a host of reasons, other than just the glorious purplish-mauve blossoms that adorn the trees that line the city’s streets in the older, longer established suburbs, parks and gardens each October – Jacaranda Tyd (Jacaranda Time).


Vibrant Pretoria is South Africa’s administrative and executive capital city, home to various embassies and consulates, government departments, the South African Bureau of Standards, and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research, and seats the headquarters of both the South African National Defence Force and the South African Air Force.


Pretoria, Quintessential Home of Somatology in Gauteng


The list is long, but doesn’t end there. Pretoria is home to a number of tertiary education and training institutes, which includes the University of Pretoria, as well as one of the best places in this country to study and obtain a locally and internationally recognised diploma in somatology, Isa Carstens Academy.


On Your Head Be It


The town dedicated to the Stellenbosch University is where the original Isa Carstens Academy first opened its doors in 1978, after being founded by Mrs Isa Carstens. It’s also interesting to note that both the Stellenbosch and Pretoria have their own distinct urban legends that appeal to their students.


In Stellenbosch, where the streets are lined with old oak trees, it is said that one is guaranteed to pass one’s exams if an acorn falls on your head. Whilst, in Pretoria, it is believed that if a flower from a jacaranda tree falls on your head, one is guaranteed to pass the year-end exams.


Diploma in Somatology


At Isa Carstens Academy, our accredited diploma in somatology equips you for a career as a professional somatologist. Somatology is a scientific field of study that is classified as a branch of anthropology.


The three-year, full-time somatology diploma in Pretoria includes scientific subjects such as anatomy, physiology, biotics, nutrition, research, cosmetic science, chemistry of oils, and theoretical and practical somatology, which focusses on holistic health, wellness and skincare of the entire human body and its optimal functions.


Because our somatology diploma in Pretoria applies to a profession and a career in this discipline, we’ve also included business planning and management modules that furnish holders of our somatology diploma that have an entrepreneurial spirit, much like Mrs Isa Carstens, with the necessary knowledge and skills to open, manage and grow their own independent, successful somatology practices.


Pretoria Campus and Accommodation


Our Pretoria campus is located considerably close to the University of Pretoria, which is quite fitting, since our somatology diploma is a bona fide professional qualification. The acceptance criteria, as indicated on our website, are strictly adhered to. However, we do allow for various permutations or alternatives to a National Senior Certificate.


The Isa Carstens Residence, located on our campus in Pretoria, offers accommodation to students pursuing a somatology diploma in Pretoria, as well as ladies registered with other tertiary education facilities. It’s safe, secure and convenient, allowing our learners to focus on their intensive studies in a peaceful, academically conducive environment.