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Diploma in Somatology

Diploma in Somatology

A Somatology Diploma That You’ll Display with Pride


Before you enrol to study and obtain a recognised professional qualification – a degree or diploma – at an institute that offers tertiary education and training, it’s imperative that you arm yourself with essential knowledge about your intended profession and what it entails.


Once you’re equipped with this knowledge, your first step in ascertaining whether your proposed professional field really is as you imagined and is the one for you, you can continue with the second step, which is identifying where and through which facility you should study and qualify.  


Beautician or Somatologist


The role of a beautician or beauty therapist is often confused with that of a somatologist, and the terms are frequently used interchangeably, so it’s important to know how these disciplines differ. Although there may be overlapping areas, there are distinct differences.


Differences in meaning and understanding also vary from country to country, which makes it even more vital to complete your studies by passing examinations that are internationally accredited, in case you wish to pursue employment opportunities abroad at some later stage.


While some beauticians undertake courses, others mainly receive practical, on-the-job beauty training that equips them to do make-up, manicures, pedicures, waxing, lash and brow tinting, spray tanning, eyelash extensions, exfoliation and facials. Various types of massages may also be included. Their work mainly involves improving clients’ outward appearance and beauty.


Somatology is very much more than beauty therapy. It is a scientific branch of anthropology. In turn, anthropology as a whole is the scientific, holistic study of humans, past and present, including their physiology, physical characteristics, culture and diversities.


Although somatology diploma holders may be called upon to perform typical beautician tasks too, their more advanced training qualifies them take up positions in a host of health and wellness establishments, from medical aesthetic practices and academic institutions, to spas, hydros, product houses, retailers and many more.


Our Somatology Diploma


The diploma course content and subjects, as offered by Isa Carstens Academy, illustrate the diversity and complexity of the field of somatology. Three years of full-time study are required, each followed by examinations.


Isa Carstens Academy was the very first beauty college in South Africa to receive CIDESCO accreditation. This took place quite long ago, way back in 1978. Such accreditation is an internationally sought-after endorsement, and it has remained part and parcel of our professional somatology training institute ever since then.


In 1993, prior to the passing of Mrs Isa Carstens in 2002, her daughter took over the reins as managing director of the academy, a position which she still occupies with great success. Five years after taking charge of the school, CIDESCO awarded her the prestigious Medal of Merit for professionalism and high standards.


Somatology diploma students, their sponsors, and their future employers and clients can rest assured that our learners’ standard of education and training are of commensurate professional standards and of the highest order.


By the time you obtain your somatology diploma from Isa Carstens Academy, you’ll have the background, in-depth knowledge, skills and confidence to begin your career as a well-qualified, sought-after professional somatologist, who is proud to display their framed diploma on the wall of whichever practice they decide to join.