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4 Sought-After Treatments You Can Master Through Beauty Therapy Courses

Flower_Scalp_MassageLooking to break into the beauty therapy industry? We don’t blame you. A glamorous and fashionable industry, there has never been a more lucrative time than right now. Everywhere you look, both women and men are spending enormous amounts of money on innovative beauty treatments, and ground-breaking products and techniques to feel better and look younger. From movies, theatre, fashion and photography, right through to the latest cutting-edge non-invasive beauty therapy treatments and procedures – this is a multi-billion Dollar industry with many lucrative local and international opportunities just waiting for someone like you. Wondering what type of therapies and treatments you’ll learn? Here are the top 4 most sought-after beauty treatments that you’ll master through our beauty therapy courses.

  1. Day, Evening, Bridal and Fashion Make-Up Techniques – essential on any TV, film, theatre or fashion crew, make-up artistry is not just about applying lipstick, blusher, mascara and concealer – make up artistry is all about artistically changing and modifying faces. Through beauty therapy courses you will learn all the latest international make-up styles, effects, tricks, techniques and trends, which means that you will be skilled in day, evening, bridal, fashion, photographic and theatre make-up techniques.
  2. Non-Invasive Medical Aesthetic and Skin Care Procedures cost effective in comparison to invasive plastic surgery – anti-ageing non-invasive medical aesthetic and skin care procedures are at an all-time high. From laser hair removal and microdermabrasion, to peelings and microneedling – there is only one way to learn these cutting-edge procedures and treatments, and that’s through beauty therapy courses.
  3. Massage Techniques and Lymph Drainage – there are millions of people living with excessively high stress levels and who are on the edge of one or more health disaster. For this very reason, massage therapy has never been more in demand. As one of the essential skills for all beauty therapists and as one of the most rewarding services that you can offer a stressed-out client, once you’ve completed a beauty therapy course, you will be qualified in Swedish massage, hot stone massage, Thai massage and lymph drainage massage.
  4. Nail Technology – regardless of what happens to the economy, as long as nails continue to grow, women will continue to spend big on their nails. Going way beyond the typical manicure and pedicure, beauty therapy courses teach you how to expertly apply, repair and maintain acrylic, fibreglass and gel artificial nails. You will also learn the latest design trends, as well as all the latest decorative nail techniques, such as transfers, gems and glitter.

As you can see, there is no limit to your future as a beauty therapist. All you need is a passion for beauty and a beauty diploma from Isa Carstens an accredited academy, and you will have an open passport to a world of exciting beauty career opportunities.