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Enter the World of Beauty with CIDESCO Beauty Courses in Stellenbosch and Pretoria

Diploma in Somatology

Just finished school and wondering what to do with the rest of your life? Or, have you had just about enough of the corporate world and are looking to change your career direction to something you’re actually passionate about? How about an exciting career where you can be your own boss, work your own hours, help others look beautiful and feel younger all day long, and even travel and work anywhere around the globe while you earn good money? We’re talking about an exciting and a rewarding career in beauty therapy!

Choosing a career is probably one of the toughest decisions facing a person today. An unpredictable economy paired with a tight grip on student loans and dwindling employment opportunities can force anyone to make the wrong career choice. The good news is that a career in beauty therapy has withstood the test of time and there is nothing more exciting than entering this multi-billion Dollar industry than right now. As long as people have the desire to look better and appear younger, this is one industry that will always be in high demand, and its only getting started.

So now that you know what you want to do, you need to find the right beauty courses. If you’re looking to study at an internationally-recognised academy at the forefront of beauty therapy near Cape Town or in Pretoria, then you’ve found the perfect beauty courses at Isa Carstens Academy.

About Isa Carstens Academy

Beauty Courses in Cape Town and PretoriaFounded in 1978, our academy is one of the most reputable health and skin care academies in the world. Boasting a proud history of providing a top beauty curriculum to students from all over South Africa who have the choice of either attending our Stellenbosch campus near Cape Town or our Pretoria campus – we prepare students to become the best in the industry and are proud to be the best choice to secure a successful career as a beauty therapist. Today, alumni graduates of our Isa Carstens Academy can be found all over the world. While many alumni graduates have gone on to work in plastic surgeries, many other graduates have gone on to become successful freelance make-up artists for the television and fashion industries, spa managers, beauty salon owners, and massage and beauty therapists in wellness centres and cosmetic houses throughout the globe.

All our Beauty Courses are CIDESCO Accredited

When it comes to a specialised profession such as beauty therapy, a CIDESCO accreditation is the world’s most prestigious qualification in the field of aesthetics and beauty therapy. It is your passport to the best paying beauty therapy jobs in South Africa and the world. As the first CIDESCO accredited academy to open its doors in South Africa, both our beauty courses near Cape Town and in Pretoria are also registered with the Department of Education and Training, and the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA), as well as aligned with the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).

If you’d like to learn more about our beauty courses near Cape Town and in Pretoria, then come to our open day on the 16th of April 2016 in Stellenbosch or Pretoria. We look forward to seeing you there.