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Beauty Blogs I love

There is something so informative and real about following beauty blogs. I have to say that after years of reading beauty articles in magazines I felt rather disillusioned. Every article or shoot is done with top models, making it so unrealistic and inaccessible for us real women, and this is when I discovered beauty blogs and why I started mine 5 years ago.

It’s seldom you meet a women who doesn’t enjoy a bit of beauty banter, whether it’s the one make up item that is their friends ‘new discovery’ or whether it’s the ‘holy grail’ product their mother swears by. This advice is so much more tangible and it’s through following many great beauty blogs all over the world that I have discovered some of my best beauty tips, some unreal products and some cheap alternatives that truly top some of the over-priced alternatives out there.

Below are some of the blogs I really love following:

The Beauty Department (

A bunch of beauty-obsessed girls who simply love everything beauty. Their tutorials range from hair to skin and make-up and are very easy-to-do.

the beauty dep

A Model Recommends (

A blog written by Ruth Crilly, a British model, who is so real and so great to get tips and advice from. She is actually pregnant at the moment so doing quite a few preggy-focused posts which may appeal to some Mums-to-Be.

A model recommends

Amelia Liana Beauty (

I love Amelia’s YouTube channel. She’s also a beauty blogger from London and has a great sense of humour. What I love about Amelia’s channel is that even though she loves her luxe beauty items, she is not afraid to search high and low for a cheaper alternative.

Amelia Liana

Lisa Eldridge (

The queen of make-up and beauty, Lisa is one of the world’s top make-up artists and really does know her stuff. She truly is amazing. I have spoken about her YouTube tutorials on here before. You have to check her out!

Lia Eldrige

Cult of Pretty (

Looking for something a bit fun, quirky and different? Cult of Pretty is great if you like experimenting and seeing beauty in a different way.

cult beauty

The RAEviewer (

This is a girl who loves all things luxury in her life. Check her out if you want some lust-worthy beauty inspiration!

the raeviewer