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Aesthetician Career Options

The Many Aesthetician Career Options from Which to Choose

Working in health, skincare, and beauty has its perks – namely that the industry is growing at incredible rates. More and more people are understanding the importance of self-care and are willing to pay top buck for quality treatments and services. On the other hand, making it big in the business can be difficult due to how competitive it is. You want that edge above others when it comes to being an aesthetician, which is why studying towards the right certification is so crucial. Once qualified, the world will be your oyster as you have an unending list of available career options before you. We take a look at what some of these jobs entail.

Working in Spas and Beauty Salons

A vast majority of those in the industry prefer to work in spas and salons. Not only does this offer a structured job and steady income, but it is excellent for those starting out and seeking experience. Working amongst other beauty professionals also provides a safety net of sorts, and helps a newly trained aesthetician get acclimated with therapeutic environments. Day spas, resort spas, and even cosmetic departments in larger retail stores across South Africa all require someone qualified and passionate, so there are ample opportunities in this field of the industry. You can expect to perform treatments geared towards the beautification, pampering, and relaxation of clients, such as make-up, massages, facials, and hair removal.

Medical and Paramedical Environments

This field requires more extensive aesthetician training, with a focus on medical techniques and procedures. Your line of work in a medical environment may involve post-op skincare, microdermabrasion, microneedling, laser and light therapies, medical peels, and other mildly invasive procedures. Such jobs often pay well and entail working in professional medical environments where you will get to meet plenty of interesting, high-paying clients.

Working for Yourself

For those brave enough to break away from a boss, you could always work for yourself as an aesthetician. The South African industry is still growing, and there is a lot of room for health and beauty experts who want to pave their own way. You may lease space in an already established salon, utilise your own home, or even build up a booming business of your own. Gaining clientele is, of course, up to you as you will need to do all your own networking and business marketing.

If you feel that being an aesthetician is right for you, why not make your mark on the industry with one of our industry topping courses? If you would like to find out how don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.